Friday, March 28, 2008

Fiber Friday, March 28

Here's what is 'Fresh from the Dyepot' this week!Designer's Challenge

Designer's Challenge - I saw this combination in a shelter magazine. The sofa was blue, the walls chocolate, and the lamps and throw pillows were orange. Although not my style for in the house, it makes a striking combination. Don't you want to knit some socks from this hand painted yarn?


Impatiens - This pretty coral pink reminds me of the hanging basket of impatiens my family usually buys for me for Mother's Day.

Ruby Red

Ruby Red - This dark red semi-solid yarn was created for a client through Etsy's Alchemy. The base yarn is 70% Merino wool, 30% silk.

Color Wheel

Color Wheel - I tried a different method of making my ever popular hand dyed rainbow sock yarn, and this is what happened. The burgundy was a bit of a surprise, but the yarn is still stunning!

Rusty - This yarn started as orange, then I dumped in some red. A week later, I wasn't quite happy with it, and I had some leftover dye from Ruby Red up there, so I over-dyed it again. The beautiful subtle highlights and depth of color were hard to capture on camera.


Orange Red - Ok, I am seldom at a loss for a yarn title, but this one eluded me. This is also an overdye that started more yellowy-orange, and then I added a layer of red.


Nessie - This has to be my favorite this week. I started playing with shades of color, and so here is my blue-green tribute to the legendary Loch Ness Monster.

I will be adding most of these yarns (I made 2 of most) to both and my Etsy Shop sometime in the next week, and I'll link up the titles once they are out. Happy Fiber Stalking!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fiber Friday, March 14

(Editor's note: This is the same post as on my new blog, . I just realized it would be really easy to just cut and paste it I did!)

Here's what is new this week in hand dyed yarns and rovings at ThePaintedTiger!

Cheerful (I made more after it sold out the other day!)
Cheerful SW Sock Yarn

Olive What She's Having (lace)
Olive What She's Having

Lilac & Citron Roving
Lilac & Citron Roving

That 70's Stove (In Roving, Sock, & Aran)
That 70's Stove Roving
That 70's Stove - SW Merino Sock Yarn
That 70's Stove - Aran Bulky Yarn

Lime, Cantaloupe, Flamingo, Lemon Ice, and Asparagus Sock Yarns in Semi-solid and Nearly Solids.
Lime, Cantaloupe, Flamingo, Lemon, and Asparagus Sock Yarns

I'll be listing these throughout the week, and adding links to this post as I do. All of these will be in my main store,, and duplicates of the sock and lace yarns will also be available in my Etsy shop,