Friday, January 25, 2008

Fiber Friday!

Tutti Fruity ......................................... Spring Crocus

Emerald Isle .................................... Triple Berry Frost
Rooster Tail ..................................... Forest Glade
Here are the results of my dyeing for this week. These will start appearing on Etsy on Monday, or you can contact me if you want them sooner. They are all on my 80% Superwash Merino Wool 20% Nylon sock yarn. Rooster Tail, Emerald Isle, and Triple Berry Frost are all Chaos dyed for varied patterning, and the rest are regularly variegated.

You might have to pry the Forest Glade out of my hands though. I'm rather fond of it. :)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Long and the Skinny of it

It is frighteningly cold here, but fortunately I've had scarves to knit and keep me warm. Here are two custom numbers. One is a Big Black and Grey with 3 extra stripes, and the Black and White on top is a 3" x 80". I'm glad to oblige with such custom requests, since I only make the scarves once they are ordered anyway.
Most people have been finding me through search engines for the scarves, so I am seriously thinking of opening up a true web storefront. I will let you know how that whole process goes.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hand Dyed Sock and Lace yarns

My dyepot has been busy, since I didn't dye much in December while I was knitting scarves like crazy. My yarn is going to be part of a new online shop that will carry unique indie dyed yarns. It will be called Yarny-Goodness, and I'll give you the link once it is launched later this month.

Since my own dyed yarn coffers were nearing empty, I made most of the yarns you see in this post in twos. One twin will be listed in my shop, ThePaintedTiger, and the other twin will be at Yarny-Goodness. A few yarns here will only appear in one shop or the other.

Elements Series

My elements series was a big hit last year, so I've done 'em again! Water, Earth, Fire, and Wind are done 'Chaos' style, which means the variation is going to vary throughout your project. The yarn base is Superwash Merino & Nylon (80/20%) three ply sock yarn, with a suggested gauge of 6.75-8 stitches per inch on #1-3 needles. There are 420 yards per each 100g skein, plenty for an adult pair of socks.

100% Merino Lace Yarns

Romance, Cheerful, Attitude Pink, Chocolate Raspberry, and I Like Coffee, I Like Tea are all hand painted on 100% Merino wool two ply lace yarn. There are 880 yards per 100g skein.

Other Sock Yarns

Here are a few more colorways on the Superwash Merino Nylon base yarn. Cheerful is only available in my shop, and Lime! will only be available at Yarny Goodness. (Sophisicated will be there, also, but I didn't get a good picture of it.) Gentle and Black-n-Blue will be in both shops.
Contest Yarn
Finally, is a yarn I dyed especially for Yarny-Goodness. She wants a signature yarn for her shop, and has challenged all the dyers to create an Earth themed yarn. The winner will be the signature dyer, and the other yarns will be featured and sold. My creation is called A Slice of Heaven and Earth. The yarn is split in two for a toe up pattern, as this yarn never repeats a stripe. It starts at the firey center of the earth, travels through the earthy layers, through the ocean, samples the lovely greens on land, up into purple mountains, a stunning sunset, and through the ever darkening blues of the sky to inky night with stars. It was fun figuring out how to create it, and I hope it is well received. I may do some more of these no repeat yarns, but perhaps a bit less complicated! :)
Hope you enjoyed my tour of recent yarns, and please come back next week for another update. I have a pile of yarns drying, including a fabulous Irish yarn, a triple berry frost, and even a yarn that is black with the hidden colors you see in shiny black bird feathers.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

More fun with Yarn Mosaics

1. Romance, 2. Pine & Burgundy, 3. Springy, 4. Elements: Fire, 5. Wisteria Lace, 6. Set of Jewels yarns, 7. Attitude Pink, 8. Elements: Water, 9. Worsted Rainbow, 10. Stars and Stripes Forever Striping Superwash Sock Yarn, 11. Spring Snail, 12. Green with Envy, and Violet too., 13. Cheerful

Yep, I'm playing with Flickr toys again, and so you can enjoy a lovely mosaic of some of my favorite current and past yarn colors. The links take you to the larger Flickr Picture. Hand dyed yarn is so yummy, if I do say so myself!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Welcome to 2008!

Hello, yarn fans! After an amazing finish to 2007, I've still been hopping with scarf orders! I'm also busy dyeing up a batch of yarn for a new online shop that plans to carry my yarn....more details as she gets her site running! Fortunately, I've been getting my own dyeing done, too, so feast your eyes and hide your pocketbooks from these:
Confetti (Sold already) ....................... Rainbow Worsted Superwash Merino Yarn

Chocolate Cherry Sundae ............................ Spring Snail

Eye of the Tiger ........................ Bed of Roses

And finally, my tribute to our favorite PodCasters, called Citron & Lilac

More to come, so stay tuned!!!