Friday, November 30, 2007

New Hand Dyed Yarns for Fiber Friday!

Between knitting scarves, I managed to dye up some yarn. Below are more rainbows....the left is Sock weight, and the right is Worsted.

The two below are sock yarns. One a yummy collection of browns, and the other a fun confetti pattern. Neither are rewound yet. All these yarns will appear in my Etsy shop soon, if you want sooner, drop me a line!

I shipped out 5 more custom scarves this morning, and this one was of special note. The skinny stripes are time consuming with tucking ends, but the result is strikingly cool. I apologize for the lousy lighting. It's been freezing and overcast, so you get camera flash! (Edited: Here are a couple outside shots of a second scarf I knit in this pattern).

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Scarves, yarn, and packages, oh my!

Black Friday (and the days surrounding it) were good to me! Here is my latest shipment.... 5 scarves, and three skeins of yarn. I'm going to have a similar pile to ship out tomorrow!

The yarn came in for the Christmas Stocking, so I am hoping to get that knit up sometime this weekend. I dyed up oodles of yummy yarn yesterday, and I'll try to post some for you to see tomorrow (it'll be Fiber Friday, after all!).

Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas Stockings!

Yes, it's time for Christmas again, and I am working on a Christmas stocking for a friend of mine. This is the prototype. I started too late to make many of these for this Christmas, but I hope to take orders for next year.

Otherwise, Black Friday was good to me, I have orders for 8 scarves. I bought a showcase on Etsy today, since it is Cyber Monday, and hope to sell many more. It isn't that long until Dec 10, when I need to stop taking orders for Christmas delivery! Off to knit, hope your Thanksgiving was as enjoyable as mine was!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Rainbows are back!

What you are drooling over at the moment is worsted weight Superwash Merino Wool Yarn, hand dyed in a beautiful Tropical Rainbow. Each color morphs into the next, giving you many shades. I think it is my best rainbow yet, and there are 4 skeins of it. Hat, mittens, and scarf anyone?

If you prefer socks, I made two skeins of Superwash Merino & Nylon (80/20) sock yarn in the exact same dyelot. Those will be listed soon.

As an aside, there has been from the forums community of Etsy for the search function to be improved. With the Christmas season upon us, they do not plan to make any changes now. Please don't be frustrated and not shop on Etsy.....instead please try a Google run search of Etsy. BestySearch was created by Dingo, and is very helpful for finding just what you are looking for on Etsy!! I linked it in my sidebar ------> in case you want to find it another time. Try it, you'll like it!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Come check out an exciting new project I'm involved with!

The Etsy Mini Blog consists of 1 x 4 Etsy Minis of shops organized by category. Visually browse many shops and find amazing new handmade items.

Are you a shop owner? Please also stop by, read the TOS, and then request your Mini to be listed under the category that most represents you.

The site is run by LittlePutBooks and schOOLOcker, but the categories are managed by volunteers. I am moderating the Glasswares: for the Body category, and am already amazed by the work shown there.

Just for fun, here is a Mini with some of my favorite Etsy items:

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I have been soooooo busy!

Yeah, 'how busy were you' jokes here. We just had our choir concert for RiverChor (it went fabulously, thank you), and now that I am finished with that I can get back to yarn making. To tide you over until new ones dry, here are a couple hand dyed sock yarns I managed to fit into my schedule. On the left is Turkey Time, and the right is Koi Pond. Below is Springy, and another 'Big' Custom Knit Rugby Scarf. I also made one in white and purple.

The new owner had this testimonial: "an emphatic yahoo! over my new that's a scarf...perfect length for wrapping and such nice workmanship...thank you so very much."

On another note, I am now fully set up on Ravelry! Anyone who purchases yarn from ThePaintedTiger has permission to slurp photos for stashing use! Come visit ThePaintedTiger on Ravelry.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Fiber Friday!

I had the opportunity to create two custom order scarves this week. The one above is a Harry Potter style scarf in Gryffindor colors. The buyer wanted here it is, my first luxuriously soft superwash wool scarf. You can purchase your own custom wool scarf in my Etsy or Ecrater shops. (Well, when I get the listing up later today!)

This custom knit scarf and hat set is for a Christmas gift for a Michigan fan. Go Blue and Maize!