Friday, November 30, 2007

New Hand Dyed Yarns for Fiber Friday!

Between knitting scarves, I managed to dye up some yarn. Below are more rainbows....the left is Sock weight, and the right is Worsted.

The two below are sock yarns. One a yummy collection of browns, and the other a fun confetti pattern. Neither are rewound yet. All these yarns will appear in my Etsy shop soon, if you want sooner, drop me a line!

I shipped out 5 more custom scarves this morning, and this one was of special note. The skinny stripes are time consuming with tucking ends, but the result is strikingly cool. I apologize for the lousy lighting. It's been freezing and overcast, so you get camera flash! (Edited: Here are a couple outside shots of a second scarf I knit in this pattern).

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Louise said...

Your yarn colors are fantastic. I have just gotten started with dying my handspun. I will have to check out your Etsy shop.