Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I have been soooooo busy!

Yeah, yeah....no 'how busy were you' jokes here. We just had our choir concert for RiverChor (it went fabulously, thank you), and now that I am finished with that I can get back to yarn making. To tide you over until new ones dry, here are a couple hand dyed sock yarns I managed to fit into my schedule. On the left is Turkey Time, and the right is Koi Pond. Below is Springy, and another 'Big' Custom Knit Rugby Scarf. I also made one in white and purple.

The new owner had this testimonial: "an emphatic yahoo! over my new scarf...now that's a scarf...perfect length for wrapping and such nice workmanship...thank you so very much."

On another note, I am now fully set up on Ravelry! Anyone who purchases yarn from ThePaintedTiger has permission to slurp photos for stashing use! Come visit ThePaintedTiger on Ravelry.

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