Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas Stockings!

Yes, it's time for Christmas again, and I am working on a Christmas stocking for a friend of mine. This is the prototype. I started too late to make many of these for this Christmas, but I hope to take orders for next year.

Otherwise, Black Friday was good to me, I have orders for 8 scarves. I bought a showcase on Etsy today, since it is Cyber Monday, and hope to sell many more. It isn't that long until Dec 10, when I need to stop taking orders for Christmas delivery! Off to knit, hope your Thanksgiving was as enjoyable as mine was!


Pam the Yarn Goddess said...

Simply gorgeous! You're quite the knitter - I don't do intarsia because I'm not into stranded knitting, but I love it when others do it. Too bad it's too late to order one - I would have gotten one for our house. Maybe next year...

Good job - I'm proud of you. :)

ThePaintedTiger said...

Thank you, Pam! I can't claim all the credit. I did design the intarsia, but put it in my computer and had my knitting machine keep track of it all. The time I saved on the intarsia, I invested in the heel and toe! For the real stocking, it'll be even more tricky, since I will need to weave up the loose threads in back so it doesn't separate. So....still a lot of work, but I can make one in one afternoon, instead of several!