Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Silk Cords -

Spring break this week, which means I've been chasing kids instead of listing auctions. I did manage to get these silk cords dyed for LoopityLoopGlam on Etsy, and she has outfitted them with the cool clasps and charms. Said she sold a bunch over the weekend.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Here's a bunch that go up for sale Saturday. The daffodil and 'kite' sets are Anchor Hocking (two different marks). The daisies are unknown. The child's pink elephant, blue lambs, and squirrels/deer are all unmarked.

Received two questions about the egg cups today, one from a very nice lady who wanted to know combined shipping for about 8 to Australia. Thus I discovered Economy Letter Post (Surface). Slow, but cheap. She bid, so now 16 out of the 26 auctions will sell! Yipee!

It is good have this enthusiasm has been waning. I'll have to get back on the ball about listing.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Cookie Jars, Glasses, and Bottles....oh My! The egg cups are going ok on Ebay, the proof is in the closing pudding, so to say. Next week is going to be an interesting mix of Pontil Bottles, Cookie Jar Lids, and retro glasses and pitchers.

I went a sorting through the many boxes of stuff and began organizing them by material or type. I have a box of toys, another of vintage games, and others with metal dishware, melmac, pfaltzgraff, vases/planters...some McCoy, Haeger, etc, a large collection of fireking/pyrex, all the cutlery with bakelite handles you would ever need, and a pile of figurines. It'll sure keep me busy!

I was greatly amused at my research for the cookie jar lids. The Yarn Doll (complete) is listed in the cookie jar book for $130, and the Majorette by Royal at $500. I saw completed auctions on Ebay for MUCH less than that. Guess E-bay isn't all it's cracked up to be!!!

Monday, March 20, 2006

The Egg Cups are up! Check out the pics and auctions below. They all close between 7 and 8pm PST on Saturday, March 25. Ok, except for the Emsa one, somehow Auctiva didn't post it with the others. Oh well, it is up now!

click here to see my other auctions

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Yarn! Yes, I dye yarn, and here are a few examples. All of this is 2/19 Inca wool (laceweight), that I dyed with professional acid dyes. I sold these on Ebay for an average of $25 for 8 skeins of 215 yards each.
I also wrote a guide for ebay about hand dyed yarns (brag alert) that won the 28 Guides in 28 Days contest recently. Here's the link:

Monday, March 13, 2006

Egg cups, egg cups, egg cups!! I figure I need to list 5-6 a day to get them all up on Ebay by Saturday. It's a pretty cool collection, here are the ones I am writing up today!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Well, with it being nearly 70 degrees here today, I thought I had better put this pic up. These acrylic knit hats and scarves were a big hit over the Christmas season, and people found me by doing a Google or Froogle search. Pretty cool! The pictured set was for a gal at Harvard, and I also did ones for Tufts, University of Texas, and University of Iowa. Another bunch were made to match coats or high school colors. Since I have been doing well on these, I haven't tried marketing outside of where they are: Check em might not be that cold anymore, but you know winter will come back sometime!

Otherwise, I have been hacking away at setting up my main page for Auctiva. I like the auctions it makes, it is just really tedious to do any extensive editing on there since I am on dialup. I needed to revamp my general template so all I have to do is stick in the item description, photo(s), and shipping weight and be done with each. This next week I am going to list all of my Mom's egg cups, so look for pics of that coming up.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Welcome to ThePaintedTiger. Like any other web seller I need more exposure, so I am starting this Blog to see if it will help. I am a fiber artist stay-at-home homeschooling mom ('nuff hats for ya?), and enjoy selling custom items.

Today I am featuring my Personalized Baby Blankets. I knit them in baby soft acrylic to make an heirloom piece that can actually be used, as they are stain resistant and machine washable. I can make them in blue, pink, yellow, green, purple, or white. For more information, see my e-store at