Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Cookie Jars, Glasses, and Bottles....oh My! The egg cups are going ok on Ebay, the proof is in the closing pudding, so to say. Next week is going to be an interesting mix of Pontil Bottles, Cookie Jar Lids, and retro glasses and pitchers.

I went a sorting through the many boxes of stuff and began organizing them by material or type. I have a box of toys, another of vintage games, and others with metal dishware, melmac, pfaltzgraff, vases/planters...some McCoy, Haeger, etc, a large collection of fireking/pyrex, all the cutlery with bakelite handles you would ever need, and a pile of figurines. It'll sure keep me busy!

I was greatly amused at my research for the cookie jar lids. The Yarn Doll (complete) is listed in the cookie jar book for $130, and the Majorette by Royal at $500. I saw completed auctions on Ebay for MUCH less than that. Guess E-bay isn't all it's cracked up to be!!!

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