Monday, April 28, 2008

Sock Club and Striping Yarn Pre-orders are open!

Stars & Stripes Forever Sock Yarn

This is Stars & Stripes, Forever. As you can see, it is a self-patterning red, white, and blue yarn. The stripes knit up to about 2 rows each, and the field of stars to about 4 rows. This year, I will be dyeing this on a new yarn, a Merino/Bamboo/Nylon blend. I've come up with some new ways to streamline production, so I am excited to be able to offer more of them this year. I am taking pre-orders on this yarn so I can order the right amount of base yarn. I hope to offer more this summer, but I'm not making any guarantees beyond the initial pre-orders. Stars & Stripes will be offered in the sock club, also.

Rainbow Brite Stripe

This is Rainbow Brite Stripe. This will also be on the Bamboo blend yarn. The shades of colors will be different, but you will get a bright cheerful rainbow with colors that go 2-3 rows on standard socks. This yarn is also offered in the sock club, and separately via Pre-Order.

Super Striped Summer Sock Yarn Club (SSSSYC)

This will be my first (and hopefully not last) sock club. Included in the 3 month club are Stars & Stripes, Rainbow Brite, (both on bamboo blend yarn) and a mystery variegated yarn that will be on my house blend of 80% merino/20% Nylon. Only 12 memberships offered. The price includes Priority Mail shipping (grr....rates going up again in May!), plus a budget for me to pick out some great goodies for you. Call in SSSSYC this summer, cause you have to get those socks knitted!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Fiber Friday, April 18

I got in a new brand of dyes this week, so I don't have bunches to show you, but I hope you'll enjoy them none-the-less!!

This is April Showers, which is a thick and thin art yarn I hand spun from roving I dyed in a gentle blue grey with bits of pink and purple. I plied it with a gray thread and seed beads in blue, purple, and clear...both sparkly and pearlescent.
April Showers - Closeup

It hit a treasury that went to the front page on Sunday night, and is now up to 382 views!!!

This purple and pink yarn is the result of the roving I showed you last week. I ended up with about 203 yards, and I'm pretty happy with it. My first ply was not nearly as good as my second, but that is how things go, right?

Hand Spun - Purple

This is Cinnamon Toast, which is hand dyed on Superwash Merino & Nylon Sock Yarn.

Cinnamon Toast Sock Yarn

Sapphire is also on the Superwash Merino & Nylon Sock Yarn

Sapphire Sock Yarn

This rainbow roving is 85% wool and 15% mohair, from the Brown Sheep Company. There are about 4.1 ounces.

Rainbow Roving

Monday, April 14, 2008

Fiber Friday, April 11

My Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Showers lace yarn sold out within 5 minutes on Etsy last week, so I made 2 more. One will go up later today on Etsy, the second to follow when the first sells.

Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Showers

After doing clouds, I needed some rainbows, so here is a full study of the genre! All of these are on my favorite base, a Superwash Merino and Nylon blend sock yarn.

Tropical Rainbow - Sock Yarn

Tropical Rainbow - These started out as pure primaries, allowing mixing in between.

Color Wheel

Color Wheel - I used more standard red and blue here, which led to a darker green and purple.

Rainbow Sock Yarn

Faded Glory Rainbow - I used the same dye stock as Color Wheel, except now they were murked up a bit, and the base yarn was dyed a pale yellow.

Fall Rainbow

Harvest Rainbow - This one is my favorite, and will be impossible to replicate exactly, as I used the same dye baths as above and the base yarn was a weird pale green color.

Cinnamon Fern - Sock

Cinnamon Fern - Just for good measure, I threw in this study in greens and browns.

As usual, these hand dyed sock yarns will be listed on Etsy and ThePaintedTiger.

I need some viewer input you like the previews? Would you rather the yarn/fiber actually be available in my shop when I post my Fiber Friday posts? Do you say 'Wow, I've gotta have it', and then forget to check back on Monday (when the yarns hit ?

Friday, April 04, 2008

Fiber Friday, April 4!

Here's what was dry enough to do something with!!

Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Showers'Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Showers' was part commission, and part EtsyFAST challenge (April's theme is Storms). She picked one, this is the other! Laceweight Merino.

Koi PondHere is some more Koi Pond....I can't hardly keep it in stock, so I made more! The green is a little more loud on this version. Superwash Merino & Nylon Sock Yarn.

Purple Rain

I'm calling this 'Purple Rain', mostly so it will fit in the Storms challenge. Can you tell I love purple?!?Designer's ChallengeHere is another version of 'Designer's Challenge'. This one is more brown, and the blue is bluer.All the pretty rovings!And this little stash is for me to play with on my spinning wheel....I have some ideas for art and novelty yarns.