Saturday, March 11, 2006

Well, with it being nearly 70 degrees here today, I thought I had better put this pic up. These acrylic knit hats and scarves were a big hit over the Christmas season, and people found me by doing a Google or Froogle search. Pretty cool! The pictured set was for a gal at Harvard, and I also did ones for Tufts, University of Texas, and University of Iowa. Another bunch were made to match coats or high school colors. Since I have been doing well on these, I haven't tried marketing outside of where they are: Check em might not be that cold anymore, but you know winter will come back sometime!

Otherwise, I have been hacking away at setting up my main page for Auctiva. I like the auctions it makes, it is just really tedious to do any extensive editing on there since I am on dialup. I needed to revamp my general template so all I have to do is stick in the item description, photo(s), and shipping weight and be done with each. This next week I am going to list all of my Mom's egg cups, so look for pics of that coming up.

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