Saturday, November 17, 2007

Rainbows are back!

What you are drooling over at the moment is worsted weight Superwash Merino Wool Yarn, hand dyed in a beautiful Tropical Rainbow. Each color morphs into the next, giving you many shades. I think it is my best rainbow yet, and there are 4 skeins of it. Hat, mittens, and scarf anyone?

If you prefer socks, I made two skeins of Superwash Merino & Nylon (80/20) sock yarn in the exact same dyelot. Those will be listed soon.

As an aside, there has been from the forums community of Etsy for the search function to be improved. With the Christmas season upon us, they do not plan to make any changes now. Please don't be frustrated and not shop on Etsy.....instead please try a Google run search of Etsy. BestySearch was created by Dingo, and is very helpful for finding just what you are looking for on Etsy!! I linked it in my sidebar ------> in case you want to find it another time. Try it, you'll like it!!

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