Friday, March 28, 2008

Fiber Friday, March 28

Here's what is 'Fresh from the Dyepot' this week!Designer's Challenge

Designer's Challenge - I saw this combination in a shelter magazine. The sofa was blue, the walls chocolate, and the lamps and throw pillows were orange. Although not my style for in the house, it makes a striking combination. Don't you want to knit some socks from this hand painted yarn?


Impatiens - This pretty coral pink reminds me of the hanging basket of impatiens my family usually buys for me for Mother's Day.

Ruby Red

Ruby Red - This dark red semi-solid yarn was created for a client through Etsy's Alchemy. The base yarn is 70% Merino wool, 30% silk.

Color Wheel

Color Wheel - I tried a different method of making my ever popular hand dyed rainbow sock yarn, and this is what happened. The burgundy was a bit of a surprise, but the yarn is still stunning!

Rusty - This yarn started as orange, then I dumped in some red. A week later, I wasn't quite happy with it, and I had some leftover dye from Ruby Red up there, so I over-dyed it again. The beautiful subtle highlights and depth of color were hard to capture on camera.


Orange Red - Ok, I am seldom at a loss for a yarn title, but this one eluded me. This is also an overdye that started more yellowy-orange, and then I added a layer of red.


Nessie - This has to be my favorite this week. I started playing with shades of color, and so here is my blue-green tribute to the legendary Loch Ness Monster.

I will be adding most of these yarns (I made 2 of most) to both and my Etsy Shop sometime in the next week, and I'll link up the titles once they are out. Happy Fiber Stalking!!

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Regina said...

So very beautiful! I especially like the ruby red yarn. Lucky customer!