Wednesday, September 03, 2008

New yarns up at ThePaintedTiger!

New stuff!! I've also further reduced items in the sale section, in case you'd like to take another look.

Autumn Glory, on Superwash Merino Worsted:

Autumn Glory on Superwash Worsted

I Like Coffee, I Like Tea on Panda Sock:

I Like Coffee, I Like Tea on Panda

Autumn Leaves on Peruvian Worsted Wool Yarn:

Autumn Leaves on Peruvian Worsted

Mystery on Panda Bamboo Blend Sock Yarn

Mystery on Panda

Aurora (a new batch) on Peruvian Bulky:

Aurora on Peruvian Bulky

One Rainbow on Tiger Supersock:

One Rainbow on Supersock

One Rainbow on Tiger Twist:

One Rainbow on Tiger Twist

Mystery on Merino Lace"

Mystery on Merino Lace

A new batch of Rainbow on Peruvian Worsted

Rainbow - Peruvian Worsted

And on Panda Sock Yarn:

Rainbow - Panda

AND, on Tiger Twist!

Rainbow - Tiger Twist

Finally, another color for Tiger Twist sock yarn, Playful:

Playful - Tiger Twist

I hope you enjoy this latest batch of hand dyed yarns! I'm working on more great stuff!!

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