Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yarn and Fiber Update!!!

The busiest part of scarf season for me is finally over, and in the meantime I had quite a few requests for rainbows on worsted here are the newest ones:

Rainbow Blue Faced Leicester (There's two of these 1lb skeins, generally the same, but there's more blue in one.)
Rainbow BFL worsted, Skein B

What happens when you ripen a rainbow? Mature Rainbow!!! Hand Dyed on Superwash Merino Worsted 4 ply Yarn

Mature Rainbow - Siberian SW Worsted

This one is a favorite for bright color lovers.... Tropical Rainbow.
Tropical Rainbow - Siberian SW Worsted

For pastel lovers, we have Tutti Fruity. Again on Superwash Merino Worsted.
Tutti Fruity Rainbow - Siberian Tiger SW Worsted

And then I had some fun with cool winter colors.....

Pale Blue Skies on SW Worsted and Tiger Cub Fingering
Pale Blue Skies - Siberian SW Worsted
Pale Blue Skies - Tiger Cub Fingering

Winter's Day on Tiger Cub Fingering
Winter's Day Tiger Cub Fingering

Abigail on Corriedale Top Roving (I know it looks a bit grey, but it is really pale purple and pale blues)

Abigail Corriedale Top

Pale Blue Skies on Corriedale Combed Top

Pale Blue Skies Corriedale Top

And some other stuff!!

Captivating on Corriedale Top
Captivating - Corriedale Top

Dappled on Corriedale Top
Dappled Corriedale Top

The Yarn Formerly Known As.......
The Yarn Formerly Known as .....

And a former yarn brought back to life through customer request.....

Sunset in a Blender on Tiger Cub Fingering
Sunset in a Blender - Tiger Cub Fingering

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