Friday, August 24, 2007

New Yarns for August 24! Black & Blue is at the top, inpired by one of my favorite sweaters. The middle one is "Sunset in a Blender" that I created for EtsyFAST's August Challenge. The bottom one is yet unnamed, thought I would experiment with some thick and thin stripes. All of these will be available in my shop, , over the next few days.

The fawn twins are back, here's a pic of each. They were on our patio...about 5 feet away from me.


rita said...

How cool! Both the yarn and the fawns. I bought your Stars and Stripes this summer and I've almost finished one sock. It's just gorgeous, and it gets so much attention (I knit everywhere I go). I hope you get lots and lots of orders!

We have a whole herd of deer on our property in rural West Virginia. We've been feeding them corn for the last two years, hoping to keep them close during hunting season. The first fall there were only a mommy and her baby; in June of 2006 she chased off her baby and had new twins. Now, the twins and several other babies have grown to adulthood, and we're on our third set of babies.

The yearling twins, Stella and Stumpy (okay, he's gorgeous, just one of his horns is longer than the other and is branched. Funny to see!) are very funny. They come when called, often together, and they'll stay for hours, even after the corn is gone. Their mommy's new baby often hangs around with them.

They're so cool!

ThePaintedTiger said...

Hi! Good to hear from you! Yes, I have received many orders of the Stars & Stripes, including a wholesale order. So far, I've sold about 20, and have 6 more waiting for their homes. Glad you are getting plenty of compliments. The yarn is nothing without being made into something by skilled people like you!

We certainly enjoy the wildlife here, and amazingly we are in the center of town. This neighborhood was built into a series of bluff and ravines and is heavily wooded. All winter, a group of about 10 does would visit our yard every couple of days, and once we saw an older buck and a yearling buck fight over a doe. Experience won!

We have hawks, raccoons (the babies were climbing up and down the tree last was funny to watch!), turkey vultures, and a resident wood chuck. Oh, and red, grey, and black squirrels, and the requisite rabbits.

I'm planning to put out a bird feeder this year, so we will see what visits. The hummingbirds are fun to watch...they wave at us through the window. I'll keep posting wildlife pictures as I have them!

Glad you stopped by!