Wednesday, October 03, 2007

It's scarf season again!!
Recently I have begun to receive orders for custom knit scarves. You can see here the black and white scarf in Super Size (or also known as the BIG scarf). It is about 74" x 7" and has a nice floppy drape. The scarves are rib knit, so if you need to cover your head, this large scarf will stretch and fit nicely for that. The Gryffindor style Harry Potter scarf in gold and burgundy is in my regular size, about 64" x 5", with long 7" fringe. It is going to a lucky young lady who is using it as part of her Halloween costume.
This pile of yarn is from my stash of New Zealand yarn. It is a bit scratchy, but felts really nicely, so it is great for felting/fulling projects, as well as rugs and tapestries. I have even had Etsians make Amigurumis with them The white and tan are in Sport weight and the grey is slightly thicker at DK weight. This week I am taking two 100 yard skeins of each and over dyeing them in rainbow colors. I'd done this before, and you can see the whole rainbow in this listing here. I only have the yellow and a couple reds from my previous dyelots, so it is time to redo them. Unfortunately, this will likely be my last batch of the grey, since my supplier is going out of business this month. I do have plenty of the white and tan, so there will be a couple more batches of those. I love seeing how my hand mixed colors take differently as I hand dye these different colored base yarns. Expect more pictures soon!

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