Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Traffic and Ice!!

I opened my e-mail from Site Meter, expecting my usual 20 or so visitors in a week. Nope 280 visitors this week. I was sure it was a typo, but no....I managed to sell some things to other bloggers, who blogged about me! Gotta love networking.

So.....here's a post about a pair of socks knit with the yarn below: http://danglingthreads.blogspot.com/2007/12/socks-on-my-feet.html
It's called Turkey Time.

And here's one about a scarf I knit: http://caoine.org/2007/12/05/etsy-home-of-awesome/
This picture is actually of a second one I knit, because the person saw it here on my blog! (Which I really appreciate....I mean, how fun is it to blog when no one is looking at it!)

I've also had a fair amount of traffic from Ravelry. I love that place!!
Otherwise, I am buried both in scarf orders AND the ice storm that is going on today. Here's to hoping we keep our power!!

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