Monday, December 17, 2007


I made it! Scarf season is officially over, and I took my listings down for a week so there won't be any confusion about availability for Christmas. I shipped the last 6 scarves this morning, for a total of 54 scarves I've knit in 2007, most of them in the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thank you all who purchased, and I appreciate your kind comments !

Over the weekend, I was featured on the homepage of Etsy for my Tropical Rainbow yarn, and I sold two skeins of that, plus 3 other skeins from my shop. I was glad, as I haven't been promoting my yarn much lately, what with scarves and choir practice taking up much of my time. (Our cantata went fabulously, and no one threw their fruitcake back at us!)

I'm planning to curl up with my favorite Christmas short story book tonight, and take a long deserved break. Hope you are doing some of your favorite things, too!

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